After 34 years of persistent & perseverant struggle for right to life & to save Narmada & all rivers in India, the farmers to fish workers in the Valley can’t rest even today. The new challenge posed by the Gujrat with the support from the Central authorities is that of the threat to fill the Sardar Sarovar reservoir upto 138.68 meters in this very monsoon is an absolutely illegal proposal since there are atleast 30000 families still residing in the submergence area & their fate can’t be sealed. They can’t be ousted out of their land & communities when Resettlement & Rehabilitation is yet to be completed. There are thousands awaiting the already accepted status & provisions towards justice. The farmers who are yet to be allotted land or paid Supreme Court package of 2018.

The status of the Project having spent Rs.64000+ crores & yet the neither is M.P & Maharashtra assured & received the due benefit of power nor are the drought affected & other farmers or even the dam affected have given the priorities allocation of water; over industrial use! All this & downstream impacts are seriously questioned by the 10lakh population there residing below the dam site upto the estuary.

The conflict raised before the Gujrat & the Centre as well as the dialogue with us is initiated the Kamalnath government is no doubt a welcome. The state of M.P can’t & should not bear all losses for the demanding & pressurizing industries in Gujrat. This will be against the Narmada: our lifeline itself.

“We, therefore are to gather in large number on July 31st which was seen as a deadline, in 2017 yet will be declared as a Lifeline! We invite the representatives of people affected by various developments, projects in the Narmada & elsewhere to be heard by People’s Panel & bring out a repor. Come one & all with hundreds of others as supporters & saviors!

Contact:  Madhya Pradesh: Rahul Yadav9179617513              Mahendra Tomar:  9755544097

Maharashtra: Latika Rajput: 9423908123            Chetan Salve:  9420375730 


Narmada Bachao Andolan