Month September 2019

II International Conference on Energy Transition and Democracy + Meeting of People Affected by the Energetic Model

Energy transition is already underway. However, it seems that it is developing on a single front for the general public: that of the transition to renewable energy sources and the technologies associated to them. Is there a public debate about… Continue Reading →


      2019 WILL BE A DECISIVE YEAR FOR THE BINDING TREATY ON TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS AND HUMAN RIGHTS!  We call to mobilise worldwide on 12th October to denounce Corporate impunity, on the occasion of the Week of Peoples Mobilisation… Continue Reading →

Turkish government has started filling the Ilisu Dam

The Turkish government has started filling the controversial Ilisu Dam Reservoir on the Tigris River in the Kurdish Southeast of Turkey. We call on all people and organizations to stand against this act of destruction. Join or visit the Hasankeyf… Continue Reading →

Statement of the Global Campaign on Draft 1 (UN Binding Treaty)

(Global Campaign) Re: Publication of the “Revised Draft” for the negotiation of the “Legally Binding Instrument to Regulate, within the framework of International Human Rights, the activities of Transnational Corporations (TNCs) and other Business Enterprises”. The member organisations of the… Continue Reading →

Narmada Valley will pledge against forcible submergence

After 34 years of persistent & perseverant struggle for right to life & to save Narmada & all rivers in India, the farmers to fish workers in the Valley can’t rest even today. The new challenge posed by the Gujrat… Continue Reading →

Kenya’s first coal plant construction paused in climate victory

(From the Guardian, by Karen McVeigh) Owners failed to assess environmental and community concerns, court rules, while US ambassador wades into debate in support of coal power Kenya has been urged to halt construction of the country’s first ever coal-powered… Continue Reading →

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