On October 11, we finished an intense and interesting International Conference on Energy Transition and Democracy in Sarriko’s College de Bilbo, with 29 speakers from 21 countries, 15 of them women, and organized by TRADENER (Energy Transition and Democracy – Ekologistak Martxan, MGI -ISF (Engineering Without Borders Basque Country – Euskal Herriko Mugarik Gabeko Ingeniaritza) and the UPV-EHU), together with Gure Energia (Basque chapter of the Platform for a New Energy Model), the Observatory of Debt in the Globalization (ODG) from Catalunya, the Transnational Institute (TNI), 2020 Rebellion for Climate (By 2020 we get up) and the Movement of Affected by Dams from Latin America (MAR) (1). We have put together this chronicle – sorry it’s just in Spanish.