Month December 2019

One Treaty to rule them all

By Pia Eberhardt, Cecilia Olivet, Lavinia Steinfort (TNI) in collaboration withCorporate Europe Observatory (CEO) The ever-expanding Energy Charter Treaty and the power it gives corporations to halt the energy transition We know what we have to do to solve the… Continue Reading →

Goiener: a renewable energy model based on participation, collective ownership and gender equity

(Authors: Tradener, Ekologistak Martxan  & Goiener) The GoiEner Cooperative was founded in 2012 in the Basque Country as a response to both the energy oligopoly and the rise of the anti-austerity movement connected to the economic crisis. Over the past… Continue Reading →

We rise!!

Our wild capitalist system, supported by a globalized consumerist model, has pushed the planet to the limit. If we do nothing, we already know the end of this story … the collapse of this social order. To address and deal… Continue Reading →

Finally, the video and report of our conference

  Our conference report on PDF (Spanish) And you know here you can find all the conference’so videos: october the 9th eta 10/11th all the presentations (PPT /PDF) photos

Final declaration regarding the OEIGWG’s V Session of the negotiation of the legally binding instrument on transnational corporations

This statement is made on behalf of the Global Campaign to Reclaim People’s Sovereignty, Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity. The negotiation of the legally binding instrument on transnational corporations and human rights has reached a point of maturity with… Continue Reading →

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