EkoZinemaldia,is  TRADENER’s film festival focused on ecological debt which started in 2006 and takes place in some 15 towns and cities of Euskal Herria (Basque Country).



Despite what may seem, again, as every year, the proposals are many, due to the progressive acceleration of extractivism to keep on with the voracity of this system which does not care either about the environment, communities, minorities,  women or not even the children.

Since we started this initiative, we have proven that the documentary is the best way to get to know the most urgent cases, and a festival like this, the best way for providing them with a platform to share them. So we keep on this path, trying to give the widest possible vision of the Planet’s dramatic situation, but above all how dramatic it is for many communities and places far and near us, of their efforts to resist and to build alternatives.

Get in touch with us for sending yor films tradener2@disroot.org

EkoZinemaldia is not a commercial festival. It is organized by volunteers from Ekologistak Martxan, MGI-ISF  (Mugarik Gabeko Ingeniaritza – Engineering without borders) and TRADENER (Democratic Energy Transition) and related groups at each of the places where it is organized. The objective is to bring situations and struggles to each place, so they can instigate here to create solidarity and resistance, uniting them in the sole objective of creating a more habitable and fairer world.

To know more about EkoZinemaldia, its thematic, films, etc, check the web