II International Conference on Energy Transition and Democracy + Meeting of People Affected by the Energetic Model

Energy transition is already underway. However, it seems that it is developing on a single front for the general public: that of the transition to renewable energy sources and the technologies associated to them.
Is there a public debate about the energy model that sustains this energy transition? Is an energy transition possible if there is no transition to a new energy culture? Is the construction of a new ecosocial model compatible in a neoliberal capitalist socioeconomic system sustained by unlimited growth, neo-extractivist, colonialist and patriarchal policies? Can there be a just transition by depriving peoples of their resources; displacing communities from their lands; establishing oligopolistic power relations; shielding the actions of transnational corporations thanks to a global architecture of impunity? Can an energy transition happen without taking into account the differentiated impacts on populations and bodies, the intersectionality and the vulnerabilities that we experience; without counting on half of the population, without counting on women? Can it happen without a decrease in energy consumption and a commitment to energy sovereignty?
Many questions arise in this time of great social and environmental challenges. Given the current climate and energy crisis, it is urgent to generate alternatives with the main aim of citizen participation at all levels of management and decision-making. Conscious citizens which are involved in the construction of this other possible world.
Our second international conference “Energy Transition and Democracy: Two Inseparable Paths” is a compelling call to lay the foundations of a social justice-based energy transition, and to learn about initiatives that are strengthening the path towards energy democracy throughout the world.


  • Making a shared diagnosis of both the energy model and the international political and social reality;
  • Discovering the experiences of many organization confronting transnational corporations and their power to alter the political, social and international reality;
  • Publicizing and sharing the results of the research of our ongoing TRADENER project;
  • Sharing an overview of the principles for a democratic energy transition (ecosocialism, climate justice, ecofeminism, etc.);
  • Strengthening and empowering the research networks and joint campaigns of the different organizations and people involved in our conference.







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